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As a skilled practitioner, you need tools that help you get your finger on the pulse of your client's organization. In the absence of such tools, you may be forced to rely upon your client's assessment of the situation, which usually is described in terms of symptoms or potential solutions, not causes. We know that the first step in an effective intervention of any type is an accurate diagnosis of the difference between an organization's current reality and its preferred future. Simply stated, this diagnosis is a search for the reason for an intervention in the first place. The JPEATM is a diagnostic tool that produces results in a clear, business-oriented and non-judgmental language that helps:

Experience the benefits outlined above by becoming a Certified JPEATM Practitioner. Learn to analyze and interpret results for others. You can become a Certified JPEATM Practitioner and gain access to this unique tool by participating in one of our Certification Workshops. The fee for these "public" workshops is $2,500 per person. The schedule for these workshops and their location(s) will be posted on this page.

We also offer "private," in-house Certification Workshops for those organizations that want to certify several employees and minimize travel expense. We will establish the fee for these workshops on the basis of the number of participants and location of the workshop site.

Internal and independent practitioners, Human Resource professionals, and managers can enhance the quality and value of their services by putting the JPEATM in their tool kit. Please contact us if you are interested in pursuing either of the certification options described above, have questions, or would like more information about the JPEATM.

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