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Experience the JPEAssessment first-hand, including a complete JPEA report and in-person executive briefing session from a Certified JPEA Practitioner

The JPEA report contains detailed information about:
  • Your Role (Job Assessment) - your perceptions of the behavioral requirements of your job.
  • Your Preferences (Person Assessment) – your behavioral preferences.
  • Your Work Environment (Environment Assessment) – your perception of the level of support that the organization is providing you.
The executive briefing will provide a basic overview of the reports and illuminate the many different applications for the data, including:
  • Getting at the root causes of workplace stress and interpersonal challenges
  • Addressing change and its impact on an organization's people and environment
  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Providing up-front data regarding "FIT" for use in talent selection
  • Reducing employee turnover

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