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Higher Productivity.
Greater Fulfillment.
The Job-Person-Environment
-Assessment™ (JPEA™) helps you achieve the rewards you've always wanted from your job, your team, your life.

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helps you find an area of study or career that's right for you.
Learn to love your job again, maximize your current success, or plan your next career move.
gives you the information you need to successfully screen candidates and maximize their chances of becoming fully engaged employees.

Kn Moy, Senior VP, Insight & Innovation

What Others Are Saying

"Over a decade ago, Gallup found that only 30% of workers felt engaged at work. In 2007 the Towers Perrin survey found that 21% of workers were engaged. This crisis in employee engagement has direct impact on the bottom line. One of the best tools I've found to address this is the JPEA (jpea.com). It's all about managing energy, not time."

Kn Moy, Senior VP, Insight & Innovation
Masterworks Agency

Fun Facts About the JPEA:

For over 20 years, the JPEA™ has helped people make better choices about work.

It is the only assessment tool that measures the fit between the person, the job they perform, and the environment in which they work.

Through the JPEA™, tens of thousands of executives, managers, teams, and individuals have found the key to increased energy and higher performance in the workplace, personal fulfillment and professional satisfaction.

What Next?

Read Personal Stories about how the JPEA has transformed careers.

Businesses, you'll want to read our Corporate Case Studies to learn how the JPEA is instrumental in change-management, raised productivity, employee satisfaction, and increasing morale and retention rate with your employees.

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